I have always been an entertainer with a great love of finding out about life.  Whether it’s meeting a new person and delving into how they view their world or just exchanging jokes with people in the grocery line, I love figuring out what makes people the beautiful, strange, ugly, amazing messes they are. Starting a YouTube channel was a natural progression for me, as I had created some short comedy videos with my fellow entertainer friends forever ago, but this round is more personal. I’m diving into my own struggles, what I want to learn to improve myself, and really thinking about what I want to add to my community in my short time on this planet. 


Oh, Jolie! is a container for all my ADHD-addled interests. Ideally, it functions as a guide to a well-rounded approach to life, style, and health that is approachable and accessible. I want my audience to view me not as an unattainable ideal or the end-all be-all of mental health and lifestyle advice, like so many other “gurus”, but as a starting point to finding their own path. I am the master of nothing and I will be a forever student, but I’m happy to share my journey in the hopes that my mistakes and successes will help others. I want people to feel open with me and to see Oh, Jolie! as something they can turn on when they just need to laugh, let loose, or get new ideas on how to “human.”

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